Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The First Day of the Year with Someone Special

It was quite unforgettable and heart-broken moments to us to spend a day with the members of the Mother Care home, and to celebrate New Year-2018 with them. We were really happy to see the loving smiley faces of the members while we were cutting and giving cakes, distributing New Year greeting cards prepared by the students in the self financing department of commerce of our college and providing snacks.

 We could realize the sincere love and care of Mrs. Dolly and family who devoted their lives for these special people who are mentally and physically disabled. Sr. Mereena, one of our team members entertained them by introducing a famous story of Uroob called ‘Ankaveeran’. 

After enjoying some programmes presented by the children and lending a small financial help to the care takers. We left the home with the minds mixed up with happiness and sorrow..

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